April 21

You Must Know These Things Before You Choose Dental Implants

Having a healthy and charming smile is certainly everyone’s dream. Unfortunately, not everyone has a beautiful tooth arrangement. Even because of unhealthy eating patterns, many teens have hollow teeth and of course their long-term effects, their permanent teeth will be damaged. How do we have white teeth? You may also need to replace your damaged teeth for many reasons. You can do the research to get to know more about dental implants. You must be sure that a dental implant is your best choice. Do you visit a nearby dentist because you consider a dental implant?

Dental implants function to replace the original teeth. Inside the original tooth are two parts, namely the root of the tooth that is embedded in the bone and crown of the tooth that appears in the oral cavity. While dentures usually do not have roots that can be embedded in the bone.

Dental implants are root teeth that are implanted into the jaw to grow teeth. The process of planting is done through a minor surgical mechanism, namely by opening the gums and then making a hole in the bone with a size between 3-4 millimeters. This dental implant site is in the part of the tooth that has been removed. So the teeth have been removed and the empty place is done by implanting dental implants.

This is certainly different from the concept of dental fillings because the teeth are still left then drilled and the hollow part of the tooth is just patched. Dental teeth or dentures that will be planted in a cylindrical shape with a diameter of 3-4 millimeters in length between 10-13 millimeters. The roots are planted, then there are bolts that connect between implants that are planted inside and that come out in the oral cavity. These teeth are static and they do not grow.

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