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You May Do These 5 Tips To Prevent Violence Against Children

Violence against children is not only done by parents, but it can also be done by people in their environment. For this reason, you as a parent need to strive to prevent such violence as much as possible and overcome in the following ways that we will share with you. Apart from that, if you’re worried about your child’s condition at school, you may need to hire a good private detective.

Here are 5 ways to prevent violence against children:

1. Help Children Protect Themselves

The rise of physical and sexual crimes that have occurred lately certainly makes you more worried about child safety. It’s time to explain to the child that no one can touch it unnaturally.

Give understanding and teach the child to reject any indecent acts by leaving immediately where touch occurs. Remind children not to easily trust strangers and make children always tell if something happens to them.

2. Teach Children Martial Arts

Debriefing can also be a solution so that children are not victims of violence. In addition to teaching children about discipline and forming strong mental as well as physical, self-defense can be used to defend themselves from existing threats. However, guidance must be given that martial arts are learned not to commit violence.

3. Maximize the School Roles

Schools must have a social control function, namely, schools have an assessment (assessment) of children’s behavior. Schools also have to initiate positive internal school activities, facilitate the activities of parents of students and students at least once a year as applied by schools in Japan. Schools can also form breaktime watch officers from among school administrators.

4. Character Education

One solution to prevent the moral crisis that has hit the next generation is to teach character, both at home and at school. As we know, character education is still uneven and has not really become a compulsory subject in all schools.

5. Report to Mandatory

The last thing to do if there is physical, psychological, or sexual violence is to immediately report to the authorities. It aims to immediately take further action against the suspect and reduce the number of similar crimes that occur. The victims of violence must immediately get the help of medical experts and support from the family.

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