April 6

Why Your Tiles Are Always Dirty

You can clean the tile when you mop the tile properly. Some people may find the dirt on the tile although they clean it regularly ultra brite carpet tile cleaning. You need tile cleaning north shore if your tile is always dirty. There are many causes of dirty tiles, such as:

Oil spill floor

The kitchen floor is very often exposed to spills or splashes of cooking oil when cooking. The oil splashes on the trampled floor finally made the floor sticky. Before mopping, you can sprinkle baby powder on the kitchen tile. You can let it one night so baby powder can absorb oil. Then you can brooms and mops as usual.

Not clean when sweeping

Dirty tile can be caused by a less clean way of sweeping you. Clumps of dust or remnants of hair loss sometimes don’t get carried away when you sweep. As a result, even though it has been installed, the tile still looks dirty. You must sweep more carefully!

Many children at home

If you have more than one child at home, you may not get surprised if the floor of the house is always dirty. Your little one is usually very active and he likes to explore the surrounding environment. He runs from one room to another. A child doesn’t know that he causes the dirt on the tile. You can teach your son to wear sandals while they are in the room.

Too much use of floor cleaning fluid

You want your tile smells more fragrant so you use more floor cleaning fluid but the floor actually becomes sticky. If you use too much floor cleaner, it will feel sticky. Basically, the floor cleaning liquid contains soap. If the proportion of cleaning fluid is too much compared to water, the floor is not rinsed clean.

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