January 16

Wear a leather strap in a hot air

Just like clothes, movado womens watch is also seasonal. A chronograph watch with a strap and a large cross-section is not suitable to wear in a relaxed atmosphere or on a hot day. Conversely, casual design watches are not suitable for formal occasions at night. movado womens watch can indeed be used as a source of investment with a value that is far from volatile like gold. For that, take care of the movado womens watch as well as possible so that the investment value does not go down, but continues to grow in the future.

Along with the development of models and types of watches on the market, we often see the slogan Water Resistant on watches. Usually, we find the word Water Resistant on original watches. For example, we find the word Water Resistant 5ATM on our watch plate. Actually, what does Water Resistant mean? seen from the meaning, Water Resistant means waterproof, or waterproof. It is true that the average Original Watch is equipped with a waterproof or waterproof feature. But you need to know the ATM / Bar / Meter (m) listed in the Water Resistant statement is the level of air pressure that can be received by the watch that you must know.

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