April 8

The 3 Vital factors that affect your hosting choice

For hosting packages and paid domains, it’s also not inferior. If you search on Google, there will be a lot of search results for this hosting package and paid domain. One hosting provider company often provides more than one type of hosting package options. Some are cheap, some are expensive. Therefore, if your budget is quite low, then you’re actually quite lucky! You may also use the $1 hosting to get a decent and affordable web hosting service.

However, make no mistake, although many hosting providers say that hosting is cheap hosting, most of the server quality is okay.

In my opinion, there are several factors that we can make into consideration when choosing to host, including:

Hosting needs.

Like what our hosting needs, it will determine the amount of hosting space we take, the location of the server, and the necessary hosting support. If your website is a new website, then the hosting capacity required is not as big as the old website / existing website.

The type of website to be built.

As an illustration, if you want to make an online store, it will certainly be a little different when you create a personal profile website, because online stores need more space to accommodate many product images. So make sure the website is what you want to make.

Server location.

Who is your target market? Are local or overseas visitors? Maybe you need to know, the server location offered by hosting providers is very diverse, including:

Hosting USA = server location in the USA
SG Hosting = server location in Singapore
EU Hosting = server location in Europe

Ideally, the closer the server location is to visitors/readers of the website, the faster the process of loading the website will be faster for the visitors. Even so, the server speed is not only affected by location but also other factors such as server hardware specifications. Therefore, also pay attention to the server specifications offered by web hosting services.

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