April 10

How Do You Install The Door Key?

The door is an important part of the house, the door is for the security of your home. Without intending to eliminate beauty, installation of locks can cause a sense of security when you are in or out of the house. You can hire locksmiths cardiff for any locking system solutions start from installation, maintenance, to repair job.

Currently, there are various forms and well-known brands, from low-priced keys to expensive keys. It’s okay to buy a door lock at a high price but you must choose the quality standard.

Furthermore, you prepare some equipment such as measuring instruments, pencils, elbow rulers, saws, planners, electric drills, 2-inch, and 1-inch wooden chisels. Then you provide doors, locks, and equipment.

The first step is to measure the width and height of the door frame. Is that a standard size door. You must measure the width and height of the door sills steps according to the results. If the door size is too wide, then you adjust the size of the door using the planner. This work must be neat and straight.

The next stage is according to the size of the hole in the door lock. High and low key positions are adjusted to your condition. The key height position is around 90 cm or 100 cm. It is important to measure that you insert the key into the keyhole. You must mark with a pencil size hole.

You should blow a hole through the door marked earlier on the side using a wooden chisel. You must also keep the key neatly in a hole that allows you to enter the key. When you are finished, attach the key in the last section, use the screw to tighten. If you do not understand how to install a key, you must read the user’s guide in the key box or ask the seller. The blow is also part of the frame according to the lock tongue. Then you can try to lock the door, whether the installation is correct or not.

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