May 26

A Dusty Home Makes Its Residents Gain More Body Weight

For those of you who rarely or are lazy to clean the house, then don’t be surprised if the numbers on the scale soar. In fact, house dust that has not been cleaned for some time can make the body fat. Can you believe it? On the other hand, you may contact the northern beaches carpet cleaning if your carpet becomes very dusty and smelly.

Here is the explanation for you:

Dust at home can make the body fat

This has been proven in a study published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology. The study by researchers from Duke University requires that only 3 micrograms of dust can make the body fat. However, indeed, this study is still limited to lab mice.

They observed the development of fat cells and fat levels in mice after dividing rats into two groups: one placed in a clean cage, another in a cage full of dust. As a result, weight gain and the amount of fat were found to be higher in mice placed in dusty cages, than mice in clean cages.

The more dust accumulates the more fat in the body

Maybe you often underestimate the pile of dust that is on the surface of the table or under your bed. However, the dust turned out to be very dangerous. Why? So, according to experts, each pile of dust actually contains chemicals that can interfere with endocrine hormones called endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs).

EDCs are usually found in pesticides or items made from metal. The World Health Organization states that these substances can interfere with the reproduction of women and men, reduce the immune system, and even cause mental development of children hampered.

But in this study, EDCs were associated with fat accumulation in the body. Mentioned in the study if the chemical content contained in the dust of your home table or chair stimulates the body to produce more triglycerides.

Triglycerides are the body’s fat reserves, if someone has a large number of triglycerides, they tend to have a fat body. Yes, simply triglycerides are a pile of your body fat that makes scales increase every day.

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